Cosmet originated as small artisan business that quickly became part of the elevator sector.

Thanks to the success based on high quality and reliable products, Cosmet was able to expand its activities by adding the production of doors along with cabins and other accessories. The change of ownership in the mid-’90’s was decisive for the business.

The new ownership modified the strategy, investing a great deal in service, quality, contractual reliability and technological innovation in both the product and the process.

At that time, major investments were made, both in the strictly technological area with the purchase of machines with numeric controls able to guarantee perfect production, and in the area of use of human resources.

Sustained by the power of new ideas and supported by the presence of rigorous business practices, the business progressively met significant goals, such as the transfer of activities to the new and modern headquarters, envisioning and developing new products covered by international patents, obtaining the certification of quality according to ISO 9001:2008, etc..

In 2015 born Cosmet Lift